HCLS is a worldwide solution for subsea developments, meeting highly variable environmental conditions for safely and effectively installing subsea equipment.

Since 2002, Delmar has used the innovative Heave Compensated Landing System (HCLS) throughout the world as a safe, efficient, and cost-effective means for installing and recovering a variety of subsea components, ranging from construction to field maintenance activities. Using existing long-term chartered vessels, HCLS expedites development timelines and minimizes rig critical path of installation and recovery activities. Using HCLS allows equipment to be installed in close proximity to the drilling rig without jeopardizing drilling or completion activity.

HCLS is the most effective compensation method available to the oil and gas industry for cost-effective, vessel-based equipment installation and recovery.

  • Isolation of subsea motion
  • Compress development schedule
  • Maximize SIMOPS
  • Maximize rig time
  • Use of existing resources

Delmar has successfully completed over 300 operations using HCLS technology.

For reference, additional information regarding the R&D effort and the development of a working system can be reviewed in the following published papers and technical bulletins:

  • OTC 8452 - Heave Compensated Landing System—A Novel Tool for Subsea Intervention, Nelson, R.D., Soliah, J.A., Morrison, D.G., Pritchard, J.J., presented at the 1997 Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, TX.

  • US Patent #5,190,107, March 2, 1993, Langner et al.
HCLS Brochure