When the industry does not offer tools necessary for Delmar's projects or when we think a safer and more efficient design is possible, Delmar designs its own specialized equipment and tools for the job. This equipment has included anchor-handling equipment, subsea connectors, anchor foundations (OMNI-Max anchor), storage devices, A-frames, synthetic rope handling equipment, and various other unique tools and handling devices.

Over the years, Delmar has designed anchor handling, subsea connection, and synthetic rope handling equipment. Other specialized designs include anchor foundations, wire spooling units, and A-frames, as well as unique tools and handling devices.

In addition, Delmar has designed mooring components such as the patented Delmar Subsea Connector (DSC), Delmar Quick Release (DQR), submersible buoys, buoy swivels, chain chaser stoppers, and wide-body chasers.

Using Delmar's wide variety of offshore operational experience and technical support abilities, Delmar can assist in designing new anchor handling and other offshore devices.