Delmar's engineering group provides technical and engineering support to its operations group, as well as clients, to help manage and evaluate risk.

With the move to deeper water and more congested fields, Delmar has considerable hands-on experience with installing a wide variety of mooring systems in a wide range of water depths. This practical knowledge combined with quality engineering leads to safe and efficient mooring operations.

Conventional deployment techniques can be analyzed when special considerations, such as subsea hazards, require it. By following specified payout and anchor handling vessel (AHV) distant schedule, adequate mooring line clearances can be maintained over the subsea hazards.

Such analysis also assists in determining anchor handling vessel requirements to help select the appropriate AHV. Typically, the key parameters documented in the installation analysis are:

  • AHV loading and bollard pull
  • Mooring line and work wire payouts
  • Vessel loading
  • Anchor position
  • Hazard clearance
  • AHV/Vessel minimum distances