Delmar Systems is the world leader in offshore mooring, providing the safest, most efficient mooring solutions for the oil and gas industry. Delmar Systems Pty is seeking a Senior Staff Engineer who will be responsible for developing proposed line configurations and mooring patterns for conventional and preset systems using in-house catenary solvers. The engineer will also perform mooring and anchor analyses to evaluate MODU systems’ performance under various survival and operating loading conditions. Additional responsibilities and qualifications are listed below.


  • Conduct complex catenary analysis for design and installation using in-house Delcat software
  • Conduct basic structural design calculations and FEA analyses on marine structures, specialized mooring equipment, and installation tools
  • Create hydrodynamic models and analysis
  • Conduct frequency domain and time domain mooring analysis
  • Become familiar with and utilize relevant industry codes and recommended practices
  • Prepare and present engineering technical reports and memos
  • Show good time management effort to meet deadlines with multiple projects
  • Communicate schedule issues with project managers and adapt as necessary
  • Share lessons learned with other staff
  • Show understanding of anchor performance and geotechnical analysis
  • Create spreadsheets and effectively summarize engineering work product
  • Go offshore on rig moves and preset jobs as the sole Delmar engineering rep; conduct real time calculations

 All work is conducted in accordance with industry codes and recommended practices, such as ABS, DNV, BV, API, AISC, ISO, etc. 



  • Ability to effectively communicate with project managers, management, sales department and offshore personnel
  • Understanding of basic naval architecture terms and theory
  • Basic AutoCAD drafting skills
  • Ability to use advanced functions of Excel and be familiar with Excel Macros
  • Fundamental understanding of the marine environment (soils, metocean, and floating structures)
  • Ability to understand and apply fundamental mathematics (geometry, algebra, basic math)
  • Ability to understand and apply fundamental applied science knowledge (statics, dynamics)
  • Ability to understand and apply mechanics of materials (stress, strain)
  • Ability to understand and apply fundamentals of structural design
  • Strong computer skills in order to work efficiently with our internal analysis methods and standards


  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in engineering from an accredited university
  • Background in civil and structural/mechanical engineering fundamentals with specialized knowledge of ocean engineering principles is beneficial


  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in a relevant position or the ability to demonstrate the capabilities and efficiency of an engineer with 5 years of experience in a similar field and relevant position