Delmar has developed a program for evaluating the consequences of a MODU mooring on a site-specific location during Hurricane Season. ConStat® is a rapid risk assessment tool that takes into consideration the probability and financial consequences of a MODU failure that can potentially cause damage to the surrounding infrastructure.

ConStat uses a risk model that was developed in the Delmar MODU Mooring Risk Assessment Joint Industry Project (JIP), which consisted of operators and drilling contractors as well as MMS. ConStat augments the JIP "risk spreadsheet" as a more accurate tool to determine the potential impacts of MODU mooring failure on infrastructure in close and distant proximity to the MODU.

With infrastructure and historical hurricane information databases, ConStat provides an overall risk assessment on the consequences and probability of a mooring failure.

ConStat contains several key features that make it the most sophisticated and widely used assessment tool available to the industry today:

  • Licensed by the United States government
  • Site specific
  • Used on more than 100 locations each year
  • Global scope (Gulf of Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, North Sea, etc.)
  • Displays risk for various operating time frames
  • Accounts for seasonality and directionality
  • Shows top five pipeline and surface facility items
ConStat brochure