The OMNI-Max® anchor (U.S. Patent #7,059,263) is a gravity-installed anchor that offers unique performance characteristics not found in other deepwater anchor foundations. The OMNI-Max is capable of being loaded in any direction 360 degrees around the axis of the anchor. Under extreme loading and uplift angle conditions, the anchor will penetrate deeper into the soil to gain the needed capacity.

This innovative anchor technology offers the great benefit of reducing potential risk to subsea infrastructure in the event of station-keeping damage or failure. This technology may allow damaged moorings to survive longer in the event of multiple line failure since the load angle can change without the capacity of the foundation being adversely affected.

  • Small relative size
  • Reduced installation time
  • Increased capacity at high uplift
  • Genuine out-of-plane loading capability
  • Omni-directional mooring attachment

To find out more about Delmar's new OMNI-Max anchor, see the OMNI-Max brochure and "OMNI-Max™ Anchor Development and Technology" presented at the Oceans 2007 conference.

Officials with the 2008 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) recognized Delmar Systems, Inc.'s new OMNI-Max as one of fourteen innovative technologies selected for the "Spotlight on New Technology Award".