The Tropical Cyclone Modeler (TCM) is a powerful simulation tool used in performing hurricane risk assessments for offshore mooring systems. The NOAA historical hurricane track database is built into the TCM, including the center location, maximum 1-minute surface wind speed, and minimum central pressure of all tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean from 1900 to the present, and the TCM is rapidly expanding to include international waters. Hurricane track data is simulated through any any given offshore mooring location to predict an approaching hurricane's effects on MODUs in the Gulf of Mexico. During Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Ivan, the TCM's calculated values approached the actual hurricane maximum wind speed when the hurricane was in proximity to the location. In addition to local wind speed, the TCM is also used to calculate the directionality of winds in regards to a given point and wind-driven wave and current values.

Tropical Cyclone Modeler brochure