Most temporary and all permanently moored vessels must meet design code requirements under a hurricane condition. Delmar provides the industry with full service hurricane analysis for mobile offshore units (MODUs).

This type of analysis typically includes not only detailed results, but also hurricane drawings that illustrate hurricane direction, mooring line touchdown points, and vessel offsets in a consistent, easy-to-understand format. Delmar uses an integrated motion-mooring technique to analyze the mooring response in different environmental conditions. Hurricane Mooring Analysis is also used to assist in MMS POE approval.

Delmar lends assurance that if the mooring were subject to hurricane forces, the system would withstand the forces and pose little or no threat to any subsea obstacles.

Delmar's ConStat™ risk program is the leading industry assessment tool used to evaluate the risk associated with MODU mooring locations during hurricane/cyclone season. ConStat™ was the first full MODU mooring risk assessment tool offered to the industry in the wake of Hurricanes Ivan, Katrina, and Rita.

Tropical Cyclone Modeler
The Delmar Tropical Cyclone Modeler includes the NOAA historical hurricane track database. All of the tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic from 1900–2009 are built in.