Delmar has considerable experience designing and installing a wide variety of mooring systems in a wide range of water depths. With this hands-on experience and software technology, Delmar can provide design configurations, payout schedules, and vessel sizing along with determining limiting weather criteria.

Delmar uses a combination of commercial and in-house software to perform the following types of mooring analyses with accurate results:
  • Quasi-Static Mooring Analysis (Motion-Mooring)
  • Line Dynamics Mooring Analysis (Motion-Mooring)
  • Frequency Domain
  • Time Domain
  • Thruster-Assisted Mooring Analysis
  • Static Catenary Analysis
Deployment techniques can also be analyzed when special considerations, such as subsea hazards, require it. By following specified payout and anchor handling vessel (AHV) distant schedule, adequate mooring line clearances can be maintained over the subsea hazards. These analyses can also assist in determining anchor handling vessel requirements to help select the appropriate AHV.