The Delmar Engineering Anchor Program (DEAP) is an anchor analysis tool based on Delmar funded  research by Texas A&M University's Geotechnical Engineering Program. DEAP predicts the performance of drag embedment anchors (DEA), drag-installed vertically loaded anchors (VLA), suction piles, and OMNI-Max™ anchors. The software calculates anchor drag, orientation, and penetration of DEA, VLA, and OMNI-Max anchors as well as installation and retrieval pressures for suction piles.

For all anchors, the results from DEAP provide a refined ultimate holding capacity based on the
combination of soil properties, anchor data, and line parameters. DEAP allows for time savings, improved installation efficiency, less vessel time, as well as less impacted rig time. The program is also used for sizing new anchor designs for budgetary purposes in addition to new anchor development. 

DEAP brochure