Delmar's engineering and project management team has the expertise and experience to provide a broad range of services for permanent mooring systems. Delmar provides technical offshore support for the installation, inspection, maintenance, repair, or replacement of mooring systems for permanent facilities. Below are examples of offshore services that Delmar’s technical group provides:
  • Anchor installation support
    •  Suction piles - design and fabrication
    • Vertically loaded plate anchors
    • OMNI-Max
    • High holding capacity drag installed anchors
  • Delmar Subsea Connector (DSC)
  • Mooring system installation
    • On-site supervision and consultation
    • Component traceability
    •  Adequate mooring line clearances
  • Chain and wire change-out
  • Test insert removal
  • Mooring system recovery or relocation
  • Preliminary design through to final design
  • Specialty equipment design and manufacture

Delmar’s technical staff has supported offshore activities for a number of permanent mooring projects.

Client Project Name Personnel Role
Shell/FMC SOFEC Bijupira and Salema VLA and Connector Consultant
Esso Kizomba A Mooring Installation Consultant
Dominion/McDermott Devil’s Tower Suction Pile and Connector Consultant
Enterprise Independence Hub Suction Pile, Connector, and Mooring Installation Consultant
Anadarko Neptune Spar Chain Change-out Consultants

Paving the ground work for the offshore support, Delmar’s technical staff creates and reviews installation procedures, develops and participates in HAZ-ID/HAZ-OPS, designs and confirms structural adequacy of installation aids and rigging, provides fabrication support, conducts and participates in function assessment testing, and conducts independent installation and mooring analysis.

The marriage between the experience from repeated MODU mooring projects and sound engineering capability makes Delmar well-equipped to bring added efficiency to your project.