Delmar’s OMNI-Max® anchor is a gravity-installed VLA (vertically loaded anchor). The anchor has a 360° rotating arm so that it can be loaded in any direction which can be important in cases such as multiple line failures during an extreme storm event or if it is planned to do several batch operations from the same mooring pattern by winching the vessel around a field (without moving anchors).

Delmar can provide technical support in the field to make sure the OMNI-Max anchors are installed properly.

  • Water depth verification at seabed
  • Anchor tip depth verification (just before anchor release)
  • Released anchor location
  • Arm heading verification (just before anchor release)
  • Measured anchor tip penetration (note any differences to calculated penetrations if soil data is available)
  • Shear pin data (if applicable)

For recovery, it is important to note the new anchor tip penetration prior to pulling the anchor out of the mud, especially if the line was subjected to any high tensions from a storm event. Once the new penetration has been calculated, the maximum recovery tension needed by the winch on the anchor handling vessel is logged as well.