Delmar's subsea group provides practical and economically viable solutions for the installation and removal of subsea production equipment for emergency well containment. Delmar has conducted several emergency response studies and played an integral role in the capping stack demonstration.

In July of 2012, Delmar supported an offshore demonstration of well containment capabilities. The exercise involved mobilizing and deploying the capping stack to the seafloor in approximately 7,000 feet of water, latching it to a test wellhead, and pressurizing the system. The exercise was designed to test an operator’s ability to obtain and schedule the deployment of the supporting systems necessary for successful containment, including debris removal equipment and other oil collection devices.

For the capping stack exercise, Delmar Systems was tasked with the heavy lifting scope of the deployment and provided key equipment and technical expertise. Delmar also provided the suction parking pile that was used as a simulated well in the Gulf of Mexico. The capping stack was lowered with the Delmar Heave Compensated Landing System (HCLS) and latched to the simulated wellhead.

Installing this specialized containment device using an anchor handling vessel and typical mooring equipment confirms Delmar’s ability to provide timely and technically advanced solutions while making use of readily available marine assets.