Year: 2008
Location: Gulf of Mexico - MC 734
Water depth: 5700 ft / 1737 m

During Murphy's Thunder Hawk development campaign Delmar had the opportunity to exhibit the versatility and flexibility of the heave compensated landing system (HCLS) in the installation of three trees, a manifold, well jumpers, and flowline jumpers. Special attention had to be addressed during the well jumpers due to the close proximity of subsea assets and location of the rig Ocean Confidence. With one of the jumper installations, the rig was directly over the well and manifold during the installation. The installation vessel had to come in as close to the rig as safely possible while the ROV pulled the manifold end of the jumper being held by the HCLS under and across the rig to land the manifold end of the jumper on its manifold hub. Distance to be pulled laterally was estimated to be over 150 ft (46 m).

  • Numerous subsea installations
  • Close proximity of subsea assets and rig