Delmar routinely executes the installation and recovery of subsea production equipment from both drilling rigs and anchor handling vessels (AHVs). Installing and recovering subsea-based production equipment from a rig or AHV offers flexibility and efficiencies in field development planning.

Delmar's engineering and operations personnel work closely with project execution teams to optimize the offshore work by using standard rigging, contracted vessels, and proven methods for safely and efficiently installing/recovering subsea equipment.

With Delmar's proven track record of equipment installation/recovery and subsea construction assistance, our personnel provide the operator with a well planned and safely executed offshore campaign.
Delmar's installation/recovery experience includes:

  • Subsea tree
  • Well and flowline jumper
  • Tubing head spool
  • Manifold
  • Completion guide base
  • Equipment parking piles
  • Flowline pull-in
  • Dead man anchor systems
  • Pipeline towing
  • Pipeline remediation
  • Pigging loop/subsea launcher
  • Umbilical
  • Electrial and hydraulic flying lead
  • Keel haul operation