Delmar Subsea Connector brochure

Delmar has developed the world's first subsea connector that is operated by an ROV and is rated for the full tension load of the mooring line.

This revolutionary new ABS- and DNV-approved connector is composed of male and female parts that are easily connected and disconnected by an ROV at or near the installed anchor. This allows one vessel to deploy the anchors with mooring line attachment on demand, greatly enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of this proven mooring technique.

In permanent mooring installations, Delmar's subsea connector allows mooring line maintenance or replacement without disturbing the anchor. This capability offers the option of using less costly conventional mooring lines and equipment on any permanently moored vessel or facility.

Not only is initial installation made simpler, routine inspection and maintenance can also be carried out at any time using one anchor handling vessel (AHV). The flexibility and cost savings are significant advantages over the life of the project.

For MODU applications, the subsea connector allows for fast, single-vessel deployment of anchors at drilling
locations any time before rig arrival. Mooring lines can be connected or disconnected as desired without concern for other logistical considerations. This allows for low cost pre-deployment of mooring systems with minimum rig downtime.

The Delmar Subsea Connector (Patent #6,158,093) can be used with any type of mooring line, chain, wire, or synthetic in any water depth. The subsea connector is available in a range of sizes to accommodate various mooring loads.