Delmar has a large inventory of certified mooring hardware, anchor handling tools, and equipment for use in mooring operations and for rent. All equipment is extensively tested and inspected, approved, prepared, and tracked from date of purchase and throughout its useful service life. Such care results in longer equipment life and less risk. 

Chase/Tow Wire
Delmar inventories a large supply of certified wire available for any mooring-related job. Delmar has a large inventory of longer length certified chase wire to reduce connection points and possible failures. In addition, Delmar maintains comprehensive tracking of the wire from date of purchase through wire life, ensuring the highest quality wire is used. Whether your requirement is for 1 1/2" tow wire or 3 3/4" certified mooring wire, Delmar is ready to meet the challenge of mooring in all water depths.

Delmar inventories a large supply of mooring chain. Whether your requirement is for a standby/backdown system or 3 1/4" certified mooring chain for a preset mooring system or chain replacement, Delmar can provide equipment to satisfy any mooring requirement.

The J-chaser is designed to retrieve anchors when a wire has parted during the deployment or retrieval process.

Wire Spooling Units/Turntables
Delmar has designed and built several wire handling units available to facilitate wire change outs, both dockside and in the field, on vessels and MODUs.

BuoyDelmar provides a large inventory of steel and submersible syntactic buoys for use with mooring systems. Sizes range from 5' x 7' to 12' x 16' and are available for rent or on an as-needed basis.

Connection Hardware
Delmar rents a variety of connection hardware such as swivels, connector links, pear links, tri-plates, grapnels, and sockets. These serialized components are tracked and inspected prior to each job use.

Air Winches/Compressors
Delmar provides air winches and compressors for specialty, subsea installation and mooring projects.