In addition to conventional and suction anchor mooring services, Delmar also provides a wide variety of secondary mooring system rentals, including wire backdown systems, standby systems, test and material barge systems, deadman anchor systems, and marker systems.

Delmar has access to multi-service vessels that are well equipped with all the necessary anchor handling tools, as well as DGPS positioning equipment used for deployment and retrieval of these mooring systems. Delmar uses an extensive seafloor database for safe and precise anchor deployment.

Whether the assignment is a jackup, platform, TLP, Spar, or semisubmersible, Delmar can provide a mooring system, regardless of water depth. Standby/backdown systems are used by most operator clients to facilitate ease of loading and offloading vessels that supply these facilities in the field.

Delmar is often called upon to specially design and configure a specific system or application. These services are provided through Delmar's marine operations.