The OMNI-Max is a multi-directional, self-inserting, gravity installed anchor. Relatively small in size, the anchor offers high capacity, high uplift and genuine out-of-plane loading capabilities not found in other traditional anchor foundations. The anchor is capable of maintaining sufficient capacity at high uplift angles with any pull direction—360° around the axis of the anchor. This unique feature increases station-keeping reliability during storm events.

OMNI-Max Installation Methodology (U.S. Method Patent #7,117,812 & Patent Pending):

  1. The OMNI-Max is deployed over the AHV's stern roller without the use of an A-frame.
  2. Once overboard, the ROV inspects the rigging.
  3. Anchor is lowered over the proposed male subsea connecter mud mat placement. The ROV verifies water depth and re-inspects the rigging.
  4. The AHV pays out, lowering wire as the ROV observes the male connector mud mat touchdown. The ROV monitors as the mooring component is laid out toward the proposed anchor drop location. (The step allows for pre-alignment for the mooring arm.)
  5. AHV pays out wire and moves to the proposed drop location and drop height (from the ocean floor). The ROV verifies the correct mooring arm orientation and drop height. The ROV then observes the release hook from a safe distance. The drop coordinates are recorded from the surface position, and the acoustic release hook is triggered.
  6. ROV verifies anchor penetration depth. OMNI-Max has been successfully deployed and is ready for attachment.