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Delmar Celebrates 45 Years in the Offshore Industry

Delmar Celebrates 45 Years in the Offshore Industry

Celebrating its milestone of forty-five years of serving the offshore industry, Delmar is one of a handful of oil and gas services companies under the same ownership and management as when founded. From humble beginnings in South Louisiana in 1968 when semi-submersible drilling rigs were moored in less than 800', Delmar has become a leader in offshore mooring and played a major role in developing mooring technology that has extended the capability of moored rigs to its current 9200' world record mooring depth.

During its 45 years, Delmar has developed patented/proprietary mooring technology that is used on MODUs and on a number of the world’s most complex permanent mooring projects. In addition, Delmar has continued to expand by offering subsea component installation services, planning, project management, and emergency response preparedness services. By providing skilled anchor handling and mooring installation personnel, full scale mooring engineering analysis, risk analytical services, planning, and mooring equipment, Delmar is recognized as the world leader in specialized mooring solutions and subsea component installation to the offshore oil and gas industry.

“A forty-five year milestone is a tribute to the dedicated men and women of Delmar that make up the world’s best team of mooring professionals. Our success is measured only against uncompromising expectations in offering the industry the safest and most efficient mooring services possible” said Brady Como, Delmar’s Executive Vice President.

Headquartered in Broussard, LA with technical services based in Houston, TX, Delmar maintains an operational base facility in Port Fourchon, LA. Delmar offers mooring services to every oil and gas region around the globe, with offices strategically located to serve the offshore industry in the world’s most challenging offshore environments.

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